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How To Generate Referrals from Clients and Complete Strangers

  • Get Referrals from Complete Strangers
  • Learn the 4 Keys To Unlocking Referrals
  • Leverage Social Media and AI
  • Identify High-Value Referral Sources

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125 Reels for Realtors

Video is the way of the world. Optimizing your video presence as a REALTOR® is essential to acquiring leads and establishing a brand. Developing content and topics can sometimes be difficult even for the most savvy.  Here are 125 topics for reels that can be done in 30 seconds or less especially if the content is succinct, to the point and planned. This guide does the hard part by coming up with the subject.  Reels for buyers, sellers, investors, REALTOR® branding and general real estate topics are included. 


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75 Social Media Content Ideas
for Entrepreneurs

Social Media is the key to branding for entrepreneurs,  It is easy and FREE which makes it an essential tool for small business owners. Through social media, entrepreneurs have access to an organic CRM (client relationship management) system that could prove to be a powerful source of business leads.  

Having the right content matters the most when forming relationships and staying top of mind. Here are 75 ideas for developing meaningful social media content. Incorporate your personal branding and personality by using posts, reels, long and short form video into these 75 ideas.  


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Entrepreneurs Can Be Homeowners

Have you been told that you would never be able to purchase a home because you are self-employed? 

That is simply NOT TRUE. If you are a self-employed entrepreneur, you can successfully become a homeowner! The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Homeownership is what you need. 

Included in the guide:

Why you need to start planning early. Types of loans self-employed entrepreneurs can use to purchase a home. Property type fits both your personal and professional needs. Every step in the process from start to closing day. 


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25 Ways to Get Real Estate Referrals

The best way to generate referral leads is to stay front of mind with your sphere of influence, past clients and service partners. You must ASK for the referral! Here are 25 proven ways to stay top of mind. 

Incorporate your personal branding into these ideas by adding your personal touch.  Use “25 Ways to Get Referrals” with the “Work For the Referral, Not the Commission” or “Recipe for Referral” workbook/planners. Take ideas from the free download to plan your marketing activities for the year.  


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Goal Planner:
The Entrepreneur's Guide to Goal Setting

When I stopped making New Year’s resolutions and started setting my goals on a quarterly and monthly basis, my business improved drastically.  The big annual goals had me overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged. The Goal Planner is my own personal approach to realizing some of my wildest professional dreams while achieving work-life balance.   


If you are a real estate agent who is looking to build a solid referral-based business, check out the workbooks and resources in my shop to help you get started.